Danielle Linder

Red Dragon1: No Reflections - front cover
Red Dragon 1: No Reflections
Red Dragon 2: Dragons' Teeth - front cover
Red Dragon 2: Dragons’ Teeth
Red Dragon 3: In Seaglass - front cover
Red Dragon 3: In Seaglass

An urban fantasy romp, with dragons.. a fun little urban fantasy novel. Very well thought through. A rare entry in that category of Australian urban fantasy

Loved the second book even more than the first. Great adventure.. Awesome!

Black Dragon 1: Don't Look Back - front cover
Black Dragon 1: Don’t Look Back
Black Dragon 2: The Bone Road - front cover
Black Dragon 2: The Bone Road
Underhill - front cover
Underhill (forthcoming)
Modren the Betrayer - front cover
Modren the Betrayer: A Shadowsverse Story
Names and Faces - front cover
Names and Faces: Stories from the Otherworld (forthcoming)
Marius' Demon 1: Contract Law - front cover
Marius’ Demon 1: Contract Law (forthcoming)