This is where you’ll find some of the extra bits & pieces – character studies, worldbuilding lore, adventure scenarios. Things like that.

Yarthe 5E character sheet imgThe Yarthe 5E character sheet, created for the Yarthe Campaign Setting project.

This contains all the fields in the standard 5E character sheet (well, it’s Tales of the Valiant compatible, so it contains Lineage and Heritage instead of Race, and it contains Adventuring Motivation instead of Bonds, Personality Traits and Ideals), plus fields for the Corruption Points and Corruption Traits introduced in the Yarthe Campaign Setting.

tricubeTales character sheet imgTricube Tales character sheet – I couldn’t find a good one online, so I made one instead. Not the prettiest character sheet in the world, but it should hopefully be easy to read & use.

Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.

Griffon characters in Pathfinder Second Edition - front cover
Rules for Griffon Characters in Pathfinder Second Edition, including altered quadruped rules for Griffons, 3 new Ancestry feats, 4 Griffon heritages, and a new cantrip for quadruped characters.

There are also rules for Griffons in Pathfinder (first edition, also compatible with 3.5e), and a version for 5E.

Fey of the Shadowsverse, Fey of the Shadowsverse - first page screencapan overview
Yarthe teaser - front page screencap

A quick taste of background info for the world of Yarthe