author photoHello.

You might know me, or you might not. I’m the original voice in the author’s head, the one who’s been here the longest; I’ve been creating places and people to share the space in here with me since I can remember. At least since I was four or five, given I can clearly remember not yet being able to read, learning with red and white flash-cards that were kept in the pretty wooden cabinet with the glass doors that lived in our living room. I used to sit outside with a little toy horse that I named Midnight, and a ballerina from the top of a birthday cake (my very first heroine, the graceful, beautiful dancer who tamed dragons and went on adventures), and tell myself stories.

I never stopped. I don’t think I know how.

I like to think that I’ve gotten better at it, though. I started writing my stories down, and.. well, here we are. I’ve done other things, too – I can write software, and manage projects, and wait tables, and I’ve been paid to give people massages. I am a cat parent, a gardener, an artist. But first, and always, I am a storyteller.

I create stories for the same reasons that we all create stories – we are made of stories. Language was the first and best magic ever invented; it can change people’s minds, and change their lives, it can create words or destroy them. It can help, or harm, or heal. And every time I tell a story, I think of a little girl who learned how to be brave, and go on adventures, and tame the dragons that life could throw at her by telling stories, and hearing them, and reading them. Every one of us is our own protagonist, or should be – we are all heroes and heroines. I hope you’d like to come on some of mine with me.