Novels & Fiction

  • When will Black Dragon book 3 (Summer King) be available? This one isn’t written yet, although it’s planned out. The final release date depends on the editing process, but I’m hoping to release it in 2025.
  • What is your next project? I’ve been working on a more traditional fantasy novel set in the world of Yarthe, a steampunk alternate-history Europe – the same world that I’ve just released a TTRPG campaign setting for. I’m also working on writing the next season of the Neophile podcast with Draconum Audio, and getting audiobook versions of my novels out.
    Can I suggest a character name / plot point / other piece of lore to include in your books? Absolutely – come and support me on Patreon, and let me know what you have in mind. If I can, I’ll put it into the story. 🙂
  • Does my favourite character have their own book coming out? Probably. I have plans already for Azarol and Vivian, and for Taran, and for Jay and Alan. Even Robin’s grandmother, Mirna, has a story of her own, although it’s likely not a whole novel – there will be a collection of Shadows-verse short stories coming at some point.
  • Are you going to turn all your villains into protagonists?? No, not all of them. But almost all of my villains don’t think of themselves as villains – in their minds, they are already the protagonists. So it’s all a matter of perspective.

Tabletop Games (TTRPGs)

  • Do you have plans for more content for the Yarthe campaign setting / world? Yes I do. So many plans. There are five adventure scenarios planned out and partially written, as well as a full supplement focusing on the subterranean Deeps of Yarthe, and another focusing on the extra-Yarthian planets, Ares and Ishtar, and on space-travel (aether-ship travel).
  • Are there other TTRPG (table-top role-playing game) projects in the works? There absolutely are. I have plans for a campaign setting called Cats of Ulthar, which will have Lovecraftian influences. There are other plans ongoing, but none finalised or formalised enough to share at this stage.
  • Do you play or GM games as well as write for them? Yes! I’ve been an avid enthusiast of all sorts of TTRPGs since I was 12 years old and my aunt and uncle gave me and my brother an old D&D first edition red box set. We both started creating homebrew worlds and taking turns running games, coercing friends and cousins into playing with us. I’ve never looked back.