The guardian griffons adventure module is finally done to my satisfaction. Yes, that little side-project that I was going to just toss out quickly. That one. Which has ballooned out to over 50 pages, and includes 2 new monsters, 3 new spells, a half dozen magical items (including 4 unique items and a unique grimoire), and many, many hours of artwork. Anyway, it’s done now! Just going through a final proof-read with eyes other than mine, and then it’ll be up here, live and available.

As a teaser, here are the rules for creating and playing Griffon characters. They’re based on the Ponyfinder rules, but extended out, with additional heritages and ancestry feats for Pathfinder Second Edition.

(In other news, Red Dragon book 3, In Seaglass, is also finished and has joined the editing queue!)

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