The Bone Road is at 33,000 words (not quite 9 chapters in, out of a planned 17), and my side project, Contract Law (working title – I think it might end up being renamed at some point) is 47,000 words in. And I’m planning (hoping) to finish both by the end of November. because, what’s life without a bit of pressure.

In the meantime, though, I made some stickers. Which is to say, I made some sticker art, and have done a test-print run, which appears to have worked pretty well. So, actual physical stickers, here we come. I’m aiming ot have the available at GenghisCon and Swancon – and if there are other conventions or groups who’d be interested, we can definitely talk.

No Reflections sticker art Dragons Teeth sticker art In Seaglass sticker art
Underhill sticker art Don't Look Back sticker art
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