In case you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t seen my many (many!) posts across all the various platforms, I have a Kickstarter Campaign live right now for the Yarthe Campaign Setting.

Yarthe Campaign Setting banner image

This is a world that I originally created to run my regular role-playing crew through, as an alternate history of our own familiar Earth. It got a bit out of control. Now it spans every continent in the world (or versions of them), multiple cultures and peoples, and has history stretching back thousands of years (to the catastrophic fall of Atlantis, the ancient island home of the Elves before the Elvish civil war). It also includes new playable species and subspecies (subterranean ghost elves, sea-folk, fairy griffins, and dragons as a playable species), new backgrounds, rules for corrupted Nightmare magic affected by the eldritch entities outside the universe, cults, technomancy, airships, and a bunch of new spells & items.

I even have a novel written (and in the editing queue) set here, and I do plan to make the characters from the novel as NPCs for the city of Lyonesse, in Europa.

Yarthe world map

Anyway, for all of that content, I’m including the rules & mechanics for Pathfinder 1st edition, Pathfinder 2nd edition, and 5E Dungeons & Dragons (compatible with all the derivatives of that system, e.g. Project Black Flag / Tales of the Valiant, Fateforge, etc.)

As an aside, for anyone who’s concerned about the use of the word ‘Orient’, please rest assured that it just means ‘The East’ and refers to the entire continent of Asia, just as ‘Terra Australis’ means ‘Southern Land’ and refers to the Australian continent, and ‘Alkebulan’ refers to the African continent. The map above just doesn’t have the various nations marked in detail.

(Apparently Alkebulan is actually what the various peoples of Africa called their continent before the Romans & various European colonial powers insisted on their name for it being used. I don’t believe that there is such a name for the Asian or Australian continents, but if there is, please, someone let me know – I’d rather use that than a generic term.)

mockup images of the Yarthe Campaign Setting & Dragons of Yarthe supplement books

The campaign has been live since the start of May, and has 9 days left to go. It’s not yet fully funded, so if you know anyone who’s keen, please let them know!

photograph - custom hard enamel pin

Even if it doesn’t fund, I will be going ahead with it, but anyone who pledges on Kickstarter will either get the campaing setting & other content as their Kickstarter rewards, or will get a special discount code to get the content at kickstarter campaign prices when it goes live on DriveThruRPG (print and digital editions or the books & card decks). Other goodies, like the custom enamel pins & the steampunk metal dice will ship out separately, and the code will be valid to purchase them here on my website.

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