Jenny In The Mist cover image

The first adventure scenario for Yarthe is live! Jenny in the Mist: A Lyonesse Incident Intercision Team Alpha Adventure is a scenario for 2 – 6 characters of level 3 – 5, and can be run under the 5th edition (or Core Fantasy Roleplaying / Project Black Flag) rules or under the Pathfinder rules if you prefer.

In this scenario, Our Heroes are sent to investigate some disturbing rumours near Kerys, a smaller city just south of Lyonesse. If all goes well (and by “well” I mean “evil GM laughter ensues”) they will be fighting and then desperately trying to escape a horde of shambling not-zombies and a horrifying eldritch mist. They may or may not work out what’s causing the problems.

This is a hard scenario, and the characters should not expect to solve the problems. They’re sent in to investigate – and getting out alive with the required information is the best outcome for them. Solving the issue is for future scenarios.

The digital version is for sale here, on my publisher’s website, on or on DriveThruRPG. You can buy print copies from DriveThruRPG (which now has an Australian distribution centre, so shipping has recently gotten both faster and cheaper).

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