Digital (PDF format) e-book of the Jenny in the Mist: A Lyonesse Incident Intercision Team Alpha Adventure supplement, a TTRPG adventure scenario for D&D 5E or the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (first edition), by Danielle Linder.

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The first adventure module in the Fringe Division Lyonesse: Incident Intercision Team Alpha campaign for the world of Yarthe, this scenario for characters of 3rd-5th level can also be played as a one-shot for 5th Edition or Pathfinder First Edition.

Accept your first mission as a newly formed Fringe Division field agent team to investigate a series of mysterious, supernatural attacks which have been occurring in the Kerys region, south of Lyonesse. Explore Milton and the surrounding region, fight Draggers, and learn the secrets of the Nightmare Rusalka, Jenny – and the creeping, eerie Mist which follows her. This adventure is set in the gaslamp fantasy world of Yarthe, but contains all necessary background and geographical information to play without the main campaign setting.

Yarthe is a world where magic and technology combine, where airships and spice-trading caravans journey across the world while magic impels a burgeoning industrial revolution forward, and eldritch horrors from outside the universe scratch at the edges to get in – and where dragons soar through the skies and go off adventuring on quests to seek their fortunes or save the world.

All original content released under the Open RPG Creative (ORC) license.

All prices listed are in Australian $

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