I have a release date for Black Dragon book #1, Don’t Look Back!

Lucienn, the Black Dragon King, was just trying to live his life and avoid all the politics of the fey courts, but… when your younger brother seems to be making an attempt to destroy the world, or maybe take it over, and the politicians beg you to help them stop him, what do you do?

Collecting the magical artefacts that the less than stable and possibly quite insane Red Dragon is going after, and getting to them before he does, might not be the most obvious choice, but it is the only effective one. After all, if destroying the world isn’t on the cards, then it can’t hurt, right? It definitely can’t make things worse by drawing the interest of a few eldritch horrors along with the various political factions among the fey…

Come and join me for an in-person book launch at GenghisCon 2023, on Sunday Jan 22, at the Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre (36 Dodd St, Wembley) in Perth.

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