On Jan 22, 2022, I ran a character creation workshop at GenghisCon – which is a small speculative fiction and games convention held annually in Perth, WA. It was brilliant fun, and there were some really good conversations and discussions that came out of it, as well as a very interesting bit of worldbuilding to suppiort the villain we created together.

I did forget to hand out stickers and bookmarks to link people to my writing, which is a shame since I actually took them with me. But there you go, marketing is not my best skill. It’s actually the hardest thing about being an author, I think: getting out there, getting enough people aware of me and my writing to build momentum. I’m working on it, though.

In aid of that, this year I’m going ot try to do more in-person events, and talk to people about my writing. I’ve been invited to present an author talk for the City of Swan libraries Learning Community in early March (dates and details TBA – watch this space!) and I am hopefully going to present something at the upcoming SwanCon Not-A-Con as well.

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