Launching tonight!

In Seaglass is already available for sale on all of the platforms (pending their systems making it properly public – I should really have clicked ‘go’ yesterday, but instead I did it this morning), and I’ll have physical copies at the launch this evening. I’m super excited to boot it out of the nest like a baby bird taking tis first solo flight… now I just have to hope that it soars on the wide-spread feathers of its readership, and does not crash to the ground like a not-quite-fledged baby pigeon. No pressure.

As a teaser for the book, here’s a little excerpt from Chapter 17: Buried.

Between Robin and Varog and the sarcophagus, the smoky chains of spellwork began to twist and writhe as the air shimmered with invisible heat. The sarcophagus cracked down the centre with a sharp, sudden sound that blended with the fading thunder, rumbling into the distance. Above it, the statue of the armoured knight sagged and melted, while the overpowering feeling of amber and pepper and wine faded, evaporating into a foggy, melting-ice sort of sense of salt and steam, and charred stone. Robin blinked a few times, trying to clear the double-images from her vision, and glanced at Varog. He smiled at her.
“Firebird, you say? After all this time, I suppose I am, at that,” he said.
He took one step towards the broken sarcophagus, hesitating for barely a second before he took a second, and a third. Robin followed him.

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