Pocketquest is a game jam held every year by DriveThruRPG – this year, in collaboration with The Storytelling Collective. This year’s theme was heists – and I couldn’t resist.

My entry is a little one-shot adventure called Crown of the Crocodile God, which is now live on DriveThruRPG and available for purchase. (It’s also available to paid subscribers on the Draconum Studio substack – the mailing list for my publishing imprint – which will be publishing one game a month, and either a piece of short fiction or a chapter of a longer serialised work every fortnight – check it out!

Crown of the Crocodile God is a standalone adventure, which means that it includes all the rules to run the scenario using a D20-lite OSR ruleset (although you can also run it using whichever D20 system you prefer – it’s versatile like that). It’s notionally set in my Yarthe campaing setting world, but the city of Oxenburg could be imported to any low-tech setting (pre-industrial to just-industrialised).

There will be a video of a live play-through available, but the link hasn’t gone up yet – the play-through happened (and streamed live) on March 27th. I’ll add the link once the video goes live.

sewer map of Oxenburg City

Also, event news! This Saturday (Apr 6, 2024) I will be heading down to Boddington for the annual Boddington Medival Fayre and Feast. I’ll be there for the whole day, with print books for sale, and signings available. Come and say hi if you’re down that way! They have a facebook page with photos from previous years, and a bit of a write-up on the Marradong Trails site, and it looks like a fun day out if you like dressing up (which I do).

[Quick edit – the livestream video of the Crown of the Crocodile God play-through is up on youtube! Part One here, and Part Two here. 3 hrs total.]

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