Guardian Griffons

The guardian griffons adventure module is finally done to my satisfaction. Yes, that little side-project that I was going to just toss out quickly. That

Don’t Look Back

Book 1 of the Black Dragon trilogy – which is linked and interlinked, timeline-wise, with the Red Dragon trilogy – is about to launch. One

In-Person Events

On Jan 22, 2022, I ran a character creation workshop at GenghisCon – which is a small speculative fiction and games convention held annually in

Progress Update

Twitter is a better check-in for my progress, but I thought I’d put something up here, too. Chapter 10 of The Bone Road is underway

Bookmark Art

Just wanted to share a preview of the bookmarks I’ve been creating, which will be going to print sometime soon, and coming along to events

it’s alive!

Yes, somewhat later than anticipated (or hoped), the website is now live and kicking, with actual content and a theme that I don’t hate. Now